What Loyale Looks Like At Your Brewery

Running Loyale at your brewery is an excellent way to effectively increase customer loyalty. But let’s be honest, customer loyalty can mean anything. What does it mean to have Loyale in your business?

In order to understand what Loyale might look like at your brewery, we wanted to give you insight into how Loyale is being used at one of our newest breweries, Solvang Brewing Company (SBC). In just a few short weeks, SBC was able to grow a robust network of loyal customers and to keep them coming back to the brewery over and over.

A Look at Solvang Brewing Company

Solvang Brewing Company has built up a reputation for excellent beers and a warm atmosphere at its Solvang, CA location. The company recently decided to expand their operation to include a second location in nearby Lompoc, CA.

Recognizing that operating in a new community meant they needed to build up a new core of loyal customers, Solvang Brewing Company decided to work with Loyale.

Loyale worked with Solvang to figure out their specific needs and we set up a pretty standard loyalty program, offering standard “Buy 10 Get 1 for $1” steins and pints, “Buy 5 Get 1 for $5” pitchers, and offering mug club members a special “Buy 5 Get 1 for $1” mugs.

Loyale at Work: Delivering Results For Solvang Brewing Company

After setting up table tents throughout the brewery, wait staff started letting customers know about the program as well. Nothing complicated, just simply letting people know about the program. Once the word was out, the program took off. After starting partway through the month, the brewery had over 400 users on board, with well over 1,000 loyalty scans made and 42 punch cards filled by the end of the month.

Solvang’s Loyale customers are engaging with the brewery, returning over and over again. Loyale also helps Solvang customers keep up to date on new events and releases at the brewery through the Happenings Feed. Local customers see SBC’s Facebook and Instagram posts at the top of the feed, letting them know about all of the events taking place near them.

Let’s Make Loyale Work for You!

We can help your brewery grow its business by incentivizing customers to return again and again. No matter what your size, or what your location, we can set up a loyalty program that works for your needs.

Test Loyale out for free! You don’t pay until you have your first 100 loyal customers on board.

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